For four years, I've written, produced, recorded, and edited a music podcast called The Sound and the Story. It garners an average of 3,000 listeners per episodes and has around 100,000 total downloads.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify.


Completely self-taught, I am well-versed in mics, mixers, and pre-amps as well as how to conduct remote, double-ender interviews. My goal is always to sound like I'm in a studio and not in my living room being attacked by cats.


After starting on GarageBand and moving to Logic, I now edit on Audition though the principles are the same regardless of the tool. I am meticulous about editing and believe that razor sharp cues and transitions make the difference between a solid listening experience and an immersive one.


I also took and implemented feedback around the length of music drops, segments, and interviews. Editing is ultimately about empathy: what will the listeners find most compelling? 


The Sound and the Story is a fully scripted monologued podcast. Each script hovers around 6,000 words. I concentrated not only on the story I was telling, making sure it was clear, concise, and compelling, but also the way I was saying things, always striving for authenticity. And it's funny too. 


In an effort to better understand the albums, I went straight to the source, interviewing artists specifically about their records, origin stories, and specific lyric meanings and choices. Aside from this podcast, I have also conducted hundreds of on-camera interviews for different projects over the years. I always go in well prepared, but more than willing to let the conversation go where it needs to go.